Bayside Family Practice, LLC
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Routine Exams

We provide routine physical exams in our office including well child exams, annual exams, and gynecological exams including pap smears and breast exams.

Specialty exams

We also provide specialty exams in the office.  These exams are not always covered by your health insurance.  It is your responsibility to pay for the exam if it is NOT covered by your insurer.  These include:

School/preschool/daycare entrance exams

College entrance exams

Sports exams

Camp exams

Pre-employment exams

Home daycare certification exams

Adoption/foster care exams

Preoperative physical evaluations

Exams required by any other outside source

Office Services


Strep throat testing

Pregnancy testing


Wet prep (evaluation for gynecological infections)


PFTs (lung testing)

Holter monitor (heart rhythm testing)

Pulsox (blood oxygen level)

Nebulizer treatments (asthma attack treatment)

Cryotherapy of warts and other lesions

Allergy shots



Gardasil (HPV vaccine, both sexes ages 9-26)

Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis booster age 7 and up; Medicare must get at a pharmacy)

Varivax (chicken pox vaccine, booster recommended in teens)

Menactra (meningitis vaccine for ages 12-18)

Pneumovax (pneumonia vaccine for everyone over 65 and asthmatics, smokers, copd persons, diabetics, and anyone with significant chronic illnesses)